Staff Appreciation

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Dear Button Congregation,

This is John Couzelis, Chairman of our Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC).  At this time of the year, and especially this year, we are so blessed for our health and to have a strong, faithful congregation.  Above all, we are thankful that God has provided an amazing shepherd to lead our flock for the past year and a half.  I think you would agree that Pastor Melissa was, and remains, the perfect minister to lead our group of growing disciples.

She and her staff have been providing our spiritual, physical, and emotional leadership, and they continue to be instrumental to our personal growth as we become the “hands and feet” of our Lord.

We would like to show the Pastor and her Staff the appreciation they so rightly deserve for their dedicated effort at building and sustaining our congregation over the past year.

Our thought is to provide the Pastor and her staff with an appreciation gift at this special time of the year.  We are hoping to raise $300 total by this Sunday, 12/20.  If you feel so moved to donate to these appreciation gifts, please provide a check to the church and identify it for Staff Appreciation by writing this on your check Memo line.  You may drop it off at the church Wednesday-Friday between 9am and 11am, or just drop it in the basket on Sunday morning.

If donations exceed the amount we are trying to raise, it will be entered into the Pastor’s discretionary account.

If you prefer, there will be an “Appreciation” link on our website ( which will allow you to direct deposit.

May God Bless you and continue to Bless Button this Christmas season.

In His Service,

John Couzelis

SPRC Chairman

Button Memorial UMC