Church Playground Fence and Pledge Update

Dear church family,

As you all may know, Nancy Stephensonā€˜s mother, Celia Cohen, passed away earlier this year. In her memory, Nancy and her sister Christi Hart have offered a matching donation (dollar for dollar) up to $2,500 to help fund the fencing for the church playground. If we can get up to 25 families to each donate $100, or more, we will be able to secure the funds needed to make this project happen. Your help and support would be extremely appreciated. If you can make a donation, please contact Pastor Melissa regarding how much. We would love to have this work done in January if at all possible.

We also wanted to update you on our annual pledge campaign. At this point in time, 16 families have returned their pledges for the year, making up about 34% of our budget for 2021. It is a good start but we could really use more families to step into giving. Will you please send back your pledge cards as soon as you are able? It would be very helpful! We really want to have a great 2021 and really reach more families for Jesus Christ.

Thanks so much!!

Pastor Melissa

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